Hello Interested Reader!

I am Sarah-Anne of sarahanne90 at The Prompt Desk.

I have always been known for my love of films, musicals and theatre in general. You may notice I especially focus on musical theatre. The way I feel about my certain musicals is on a par with the way my 13 year old cousin feels about One Direction.

Now what qualifies me to review movies and musical theatre? Well I’m not getting paid so I can pretty much be as bad as I want. But I do have an Arts degree in English and film studies, along with hundreds of hours experience watching movies and musical theatre. Frankly my dear, I have a lot more knowledge and experience in this area than most people so it would be selfish not to share.

Say what you will about critics judging other people’s achievements while achieving nothing themselves, I spend my life waiting for shows I really want to see to come to Brisbane, or even fly to different locations where something is playing. I purchase tickets, pay transaction fees, buy theatre programs and get all my hopes up with the knowledge that if it is terrible, it will be a long wait till the next time someone else does it right. If something is awful, I have a right to complain and to warn others not to waste their money as I did. If a show is good then they get free publicity.

I also have a shiny new twitter account that people can follow me on for updates: The Prompt Desk@SarahAnnePullen. Feel free to comment your opinion of any of these shows/films and let me know of any up-coming shows/ films you think I should be reviewing.


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